Main Characters


Chrono Name:Chrono

Age: About 15 or 16.

Timeline: 1000 AD

Weapon of Choice: Katana

Element: Lightning

Info: Chrono is our mute protagonist who wants nothing more than to just attend the fair with his cat Biff, but when he runs into Marle, he gets thrown back in time and into an adventure he'd rather not be in, but he gets goaded into going along with it by his friends. Even though Chrono can't talk, he provides plenty of internal monologues to show his annoyance with the situation.

Author's Commentary: I wanted to keep Chrono mute to the other characters, but having a mute protagonist can get boring if he's by himself, which he is for parts of Chapter One and Two, so I gave him the internal monologue and Biff to help explain things to the other characters.


BiffName: Biff:

Age: 625-ish

Timeline: 1000 AD

Weapon of Choice: None. Biff doesn't fight.

Element: Uh...fur?

Info: Biff is a normal cat...who happens to be able to talk. While he lives with Chrono and Chrono's mom, Biff isn't technically Chrono's cat. In fact, Biff considers himself a loner that happens to follow Chrono around, but this is not true. Biff is, in fact, Chrono's cat. It is unknown as to why exactly Biff can talk, but it is assumed a wizard did it. Due to the fact that he can talk, Biff often voices what he thinks Chrono is trying to say...most of it is him trying to get Chrono some action.

Biff is later discovered to be Magus.

Author's Commentary: Biff was originally intended for a joke in the first comic, but I liked the idea of including my own character (even though I'm actually using sprites from the game, I created the character of Biff) in the comic. He quickly became my favorite character. I guess that's nepotism, but I don't care. I'm trying to use a running gag where going through time changes his fur color...but not everytime he does it, just when he least expects it.


LuccaName: Lucca

Age: 17

Timeline: 1000 AD

Weapon of Choice: Blaster pistol

Element: Fire

Info: Lucca is essentially a technomancer or technopathic or whatever you want to call it. The point is that she does machines. Somehow she's able to work any machine from any era, except for one. Lucca is often known for goading Chrono into situations against his will.

Author commentary: I wanted to do Lucca according to the game. I did change up a little bit about her by making her more aggressive, but for the most part, she matches her game counterpart.


Name: Princess Nadia aka Marle

Age: 15 

Timeline: 1000 AD

Weapon of Choice: Crossbow

Element: Ice

Info: Marle is pretty easy going and altruistic. She grew up as a princess, but escaped to go to the Millenia Fair and again when she disagreed with her father. She's not one to shy away from adventure, but not really considered courageous, either.

Author Commentary: As with Lucca, I wanted to go fairly by the book with her, but my version may be slightly less energetic as Marle. I kind of toned that aspect down for her.


Name: Unknown, but the group calls him "Frog."

Age: Unknown

Timeline: 600 AD

Weapon of Choice: Broadsword

Element: Water

Info: Frog just wants to do the right thing. He's upstanding and modest. Frog was originally a human, but got turned into a frog by the wizard Magus. The main reason for joining the party when he was first introduced was because he was also looking for Queen Leene.

Author Commentary: Again...I was just going with how he was in the game.


RoboName: R-66y aka Robo

Age: Unknown

Timeline: 2300 AD

Weapon of Choice: His metal fists

Element: None

Info: Robo was left rusting in Proto Dome on an unknown mission. He was found by Chrono and co. and repaired by Lucca so they could restore the power to the domes and escape. Robo is bitter and depressed. It is unknown as to whether this is his natural personality or if he developed it after his body gave out on him and he began to rust.

Author Commentary: His personality is based on Marvin from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. This is more of an exaggeration to how his character is in the game. I'd say he's one of my favorite characters adapted for my comic.


Name: Magus

Age: Unknown

Weapon of Choice: Scythe

Element: Shadow

Info: Coming Soon

Author Commentary: Coming Soon


AylaName: Ayla

Age: Unknown

Weapon of Choice: Her fists

Element: None

Info: Ayla is a tough, prehistoric woman who has helped the time travelers out and ends up traveling with them to help defeat Lavos.

Author Commentary: I pretty much went by the game when I characterized her. There's nothing all that special about her. Her dialogue is kind of hard to write from time to time.